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BilboCrypt - file encryption program

Program description

Bilbocrypt is file encryption program available under GNU GPL v2 license. BilboCrypt is using Blowfish, Twofish, Rijndael (AES) and Cast128 ciphers (user choosable, multiple encryption passes can be used) in CBC mode. Dos, Win32 and Linux version is available. Command line syntax is somewhat similar to rar, ace, uharc, 7zip, arj etc..
Without password nobody can discover number, size or names of files in archive, neither their content. Program uses 576 bit key generated by hash functions SHA-1, RIPEMD-160 and Haval 256, however safety of your data depends on password selection. If you pick short guessable password like "beer", you can count on you secret files to be public next day if someone gets such encrypted archive. However 15 character password should be enough for some security (but the longer, the better).

Used ciphers

CipherTwofishBlowfishRijndael (AES)Cast128
Speed (Win32 version)11.7 Mb/sec6.6 Mb/sec5.2 Mb/sec9.4 Mb/sec
Maximum key length256 bits448 bits256 bits128 bits
Block length128 bits64 bits128 bits64 bits
None of the algorithms is patented.

Speed is measured on AMD Duron 750 Mhz. The speed is just a reference point, real speed will also depend on speed of disk and other components.
Program will need about 300 Kb of memory and at least 386 processor (although this will negatively impact on its speed). Win32 version work on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP, but not on Windows 3.11
Linux version work on Linux, it may run also on other unixes (like FreeBSD), however I have not tried it.


Note: if you don't know what "console version" is, download the GUI version.
DLL library is BilboCrypt version for programmers - you can use Bilbocrypt in other programs...
Language (english, czech) is switchable in configuration.
Version 0.97
Dos83 Kb
Windows (console)85 Kb
Linux147 Kb
Windows (GUI)85 Kb
DLL library91 Kb
Complete source code (Pascal/Delphi)145 Kb
Version 0.96
Dos82 Kb
Windows (console)83 Kb
Linux120 Kb
Windows (GUI)84 Kb
DLL library90 Kb
Complete source code (Pascal/Delphi)142 Kb

Note: For older versions there is only source code available, no binaries, however BilboCrypt is backward compatible, so you shouldn't need them.

Complete source code (Pascal/Delphi) for older versions (0.65 to 0.95) in one archive
  bca_olds.tar.bz2 (332 Kb)