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Game maps

DMMP for Doom II

Deathmatch map for Doom II for 2-4 players. (ideally 4)
Yes, this is my first creation worth anything, starting my 7 part series (although I later continued making maps in Quake, not Doom)
Later I have also converted it into Duke3D and Quake. Can be run with "doom -file dmmp.wad" (34 kB)

DMMP for Duke3D

DMMP map reworked from Doom II into Duke 3D. Not a best conversion, floors went a bit off when editing in build and some floors that were originally flat are somewhat sloped. Still a good map though. (13 kB)

DMMP for Quake

Screenshot Map is a conversion from Doom II into Quake and is somewhat improved.
Still, as it is apparently conversion from Doom, there is no place with two floors above each other.
Ideal number of players is about 4 to 8, map is a bit too big for two, 16 is way too much.
On Quake CZ the map was rated by Bludr - 3 stars out of 5. (369 kB)


Screenshot Deathmatch map for Quake. Very small (so it runs even on a 486) and is best with 2 players, but still well playable with 3.
More players usually result in very bloody mess (there are lot of weapons in the map and very litle health and armor) and who grabs a rocket or grenade launcher ... my personal record is 15 frags in about 20 seconds.
Design is very simple, but there are lot of tricks that can be done to surprise your opponents ... (63 kB)

DMMP2 for Half-Life

Screenshot Deathmatch map for Halflife. Basically a conversion of DMMP2 for Quake.
I think the Quake version looks better. Weapons and items are also placed slightly differently. (35 kB)

DMMP3 - The Cavern Core

Screenshot Third map of the series. Map is in dark environment of underground cave with lots of small corridors. Map is playable with 2 to 5 players. Well, five may be a bit too much... (149 kB)

DMMP4 - Base 2200

Screenshot Fourth map, the largest from entire series, larger than for example DM3. Best with around 16 players. Second (fixed) version. (723 kB)

DMMP4 - Base 2200 - verze pro Capture the Flag

Screenshot DMMP4 map with modifications for Capture the flag. Works best with Threewave Capture the Flag, also with TeamFortress (although TeamFortress has different weapons) and possibly with other CTF mods. (723 kB)

DMMP5 - The Split Castle

Screenshot Fifth map, made for Capture the Flag, playable best with 4 or 6 people. Map is tested with Threewave Capture the Flag mod, should work also with any other CTF mod (like Teamfortress). Can be played in deathmatch too. (335 kB)

DMMP6 - The Lawater Tower

Screenshot Sixth map from the series, it is deathmatchovou map for Quake with original design. Quite interesting is the "water elevator" allowing quick moves actross the map. Ideal for two to four players. And if you manage to get the pentagram ... wait, you don't ;-) (210 kB)

DMMP7 - The G Arena

Screenshot Seventh map is ideal for a duel, but also playable with three players. Basically a big central room with some corridors around it ... hard to describe, you should see it yourself. Lot of unique textures. This map along with DMMP2 was one of the favorites at FEL ČVUT. (225 kB)

B1M7 - The House of Chthon remake

Screenshot Remake of map E1M7 - The House of Chthon from the end of first episode of Quake. Completely new textures, so it looks better, some architectural changes and improved weapon placement, so it is more playable ... try it yourself. (147 kB)


A bit weird deathmatch map for Doom II. Simple map for two players, I needed a two players map, so I made this. (6629)