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Kecal is simple speech synthesis program. It can speak czech text, pronounce numerals as text and can fill in missing accents using a vocabulary, so texts without accents can be spoken as well.


After compiling ( on Unixech or build.bat on Windows) you get many .class files, of those two executables:
GMain - graphical user interface, you can enter the text in the window and either let the program speak it, or store into a file.
say - console version, text is specified in commandline parameters and can be spoken or stored into a file.
File contains configuration.
Directory sound/ contains sounds for individual phonemes and file sound.mapping that maps phonemes to sounds. Directory word/ contains vocabulary used to add missing accents.

Source code documentation

Documentation generated using Javadoc is contained in archive in doc/ subdirectory.

Minimal recommended configuration


Complete source code, including all the data files: kecal.tar.bz2 - 5.5 MB
The archive does not contain any binaries or jars. You will need JDK to compile the program.