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Flame graphical demo

Small demo showing a burning house, you can rorate and zoom the scene. Works on GPUs with vertex and fragment shaders 3.0, maybe even 2.0 (tested on Geforce 6, but should work on Geforce 5 and equally old ATI cards).
Does not work on Geforce 4 or older.
Shaders are written in Cg and the demo requires installed Cg toolkit. Complete source code and documentation is included. (288 kB)

Minesweeper - offline WAP version

Game for phones with WAP support - minesweeper. Three difficultiesm, custom mine count. Offline version to be loaded into phone, archive contains instructions and source code. Game was tested on Siemens ME45, but should also work on other phones with WAP support and file upload. There is also online version on (7452)

Piškvorky v3.01

Staré piškvorky, předělané do prostředí windows a notně vylepšené. Možnost volby jazyka (čeština, angličtina), lze zapnout globální historii partií, uložené partie lze zpětně v piškvorkách přehrávat a spousta jiných příjemných vylepšení. (30 kB)

Piškvorky v2.23

Make five (Piškvorky in czech) runs on 386 or better and needs 370Kb of RAM. Support resolutions from 320x200 up to 1024x768.
Both players can be set as either human or one of 6 difficulty levels of Artificial Intelligence. There is option to play continually or set who starts the match.
This is last version for DOS, version 3.00 and newer is Windows-only. (20 kB)

Piškvorky v2.23 - source code

Source code for Make five (Piškvorky). If you want to know how the A.I. or GUI works, take a look ;-) The A.I. algorithm is relatively dumb when compared to the best state-of-the-art algorithms, but is extremely fast. (35 kB)

Hoktris v1.70

Simple tetris variant. You can set game speed, number of lines and pick one of 3 sets of pieces. Game stores top ten scores.
Hoktris works on 386 or newer with VGA screen. (11 kB)

Hoktris v1.70 - source code

Source code for Hoktris. Examine or modify at will, as long as you give credit. (13 kB)

CS, RTCW, Quake 1,2,3 Config

My config for Quake 1, 2 and 3, Counter-Strike and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. If you wonder about key layout, how to get 140 FPS in Q3A on old TNT2 ULTRA, or some other tricks, then look inside. (11 kB)