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Programs and tools

During past years, I've created many potentially useful programs and tools. I am publishing them here, including their source code in hope someone will find them useful, even though some of them may be quite old and possibly obsolete.


POP3 and SMTP proxy for spam filtering
Program listens on two ports (POP3 and SMTP). On POP3 it examines downloaded messages and tries to detect spam. According to detection results, action is then done (mark message, send fake 'user does not exist' delivery report, etc ...) On SMTP all messages are forwarded to another SMTP (ISP or relay) and email addresses of recipients are whitelisted.
Program is written in C, scripts for message actions are written in Perl. Can be compiled in any Unix-like system or in Cygwin. Full source code (GNU GPL v2) included.
spamfilt.tar.gz (94 kB, GPLv2)

CRLF v2.1 (Windows verze)

Small tool for conversion of line endings in text file from LF(UNIX) to CRLF (DOS) format.
Can be useful when downloading text from internet to a Windows machine. (13 kB)

Proxy Tester

Simple scripts to download list of proxy servers deom and and test them. Can test proxy server response time and what header fields are added to the request.
samair.tgz (4093)

Windows config (dmode, tapeta and color) (14 Kb)

Three simple programs for automatic Windows configuration, useful when booting over network or using shared installation without personal persisntent settings. Program to remove desktop wallpaper, change color scheme and display resolution. All with source code. (14 kB)

aSend a iLock: Netware utilities

aSend allows sending messages anonymously (but you can still sign the message) and does have better syntax than classical "send". iLock is program that will cause introder lockout. Source code included. (17 kB)

Title Replacer

Tool for changing window titles on Windows programs. Any window title in the system can be changed. (11 kB)

Password Reveal v2

Program for recovery of forgotten passwords. If the pasword is saved in a program, where you cannot read it because you see only asterisks, this program can sometimes reveal it.
Program should work on all types of Windows, from version 3.1 upwards. (personally tested on Win95 and Win3.11). Package also contains small utility Menu Enabler for activating disabled menus and menu items. Source code for both is included. (29 kB)

Dircat V2

Program to compute size of file and directories, including space occupied based on cluster size. Can be useful for determining whether a given bunch of data will fit on a single CD or not.
Second version of the program, source code included. (9571)

WadDup v1.2

Program searches for duplicate names and textures in WAD2 files (file format used in Quake, Hexen 2 and perhaps other idSoft games). Very useful if you are making Quake game levels. Note that duplicate textures can be found for example in wad files generated by Worldcraft from Quake maps. Documentation is in czech and english, source code is included. (33 kB)


Weird rotational "screen saver". Nice effect, a bit slow on 386, though.
Archive contains also source code (Turbo Pascal). (12 kB)

Fraktal4 v1.5

Very old landscape creation program. You can manipulate the landscape at will, however there is no save/load support. This is not any kind of "shareware limitation", I was just too lazy to add this functionality. With full source code. (26 kB)

Grafické efekty

Four tiny simple programs. (Fire, various backgrounds...)
Largest one is 237 bytes large, source code in Turbo Assembler is included for all of them. (3573)

CRLF v2.0

Small utility to convert text with LF(UNIX) line endings into text with CRLF (DOS) line endings.
Version for DOS, with complete source code (5631)

Bench v1.3

Simple disk speed benchmark. Source code (Pascal) is included. (19 kB)

WadFrag v1.3

Tool for extracting WAD archives from DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic and Hexen.
Can put files into directories, or limit files to extract using a mask...
Probably can extract WAD archives from Ultimate DOOM and possibly other idSoft games (not tried). Does not work with Quake or newer games from idSoft.
Source code (Pascal) is included. (9887)