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Scorch Blaster

Console commands and variables reference

aliascommandCreate a command alias (parameter: Alias Command)
bindcommandBind command to keystroke (parameters: Key Command)
bomb_throw_speedvariableSpeed of the bombs you will throw
bomb_throwup_anglevariableAngle between direction of the view and direction the bombs are thrown (in degrees) - can be between 0 (throw in direction) and 90 (throw maximally upwards)
centerviewcommandCenter view
chat_messagesvariableMaximal number of last chat messages shown in main window
chat_timeoutvariableHow long are chat messages displayed in main window (miliseconds)
clearcommandClear console scrollback buffer
clear_historycommandClear console command history
cmd_autostartvariableCommand launched on program startup, after config files are loaded
connectcommandConnects to a network game (parameter: hostname[:port])
console_alphavariableTransparency of console
console_font_alphavariableTransparency of console font
console_heightvariableHeight of console (relative to screen height)
console_history_sizevariableNumber of console command remembered in history
console_logvariableIf enabled, all console messages are logged to file (see console_logfile variable)
console_logfilevariableLog all console messsages to given file (if console_log enabled)
disconnectcommandDisconnect from network game (optional parameter: message for server)
echocommandEcho string to console (parameter: string)
execcommandExecute a script (parameter: filename)
flyvariableWhen set, player can fly
font_xvariableX Size of console font in pixels
font_yvariableY Size of console font in pixels
fovvariableField of view
fraglimitvariableLimit of score (frags)
gammavariableGamma correction (BROKEN)
generate_2dcommandGenerate 2d landscape (parameters: X Y Height)
generate_3dcommandGenerate 3d maze (parameters: X Y Z Corner)
glinfocommandPrint info about OpenGL
groundcontrolvariableType of player control (quake-like/6DOF)
helpcommandPrint helptext for command or variable (parameter: command or variable name)
killservercommandStop listening for network connections and disconnect all players (optional parameter: message for clients)
list_classcommandList all classes with reference count
list_funccommandList all object functions
list_modelcommandList all models with reference count
list_netcommandLists all open and listening network connections
list_objcommandList all objects in world
list_soundscommandList all sounds in memory
listencommandStart listening for incoming network connections (optional parameter: port)
loadcommandLoad new map in .b4d format (parameter: filename)
mapcommandLoad new map in .map format (parameter: filename)
menucommandInvoke menu (parameter: name of menu)
menu_addcommandAdds menu with given name and definition (parameters: Name Definition)
menu_bindcommandShows menu where you can configure keybinds
menu_delcommandDeletes menu with given name (parameter: Name)
menu_listcommandLists all menus registered in game
mouse_unlockvariableToggle whether mouse is free to move, or held within window center to allow mouselook
namecommandChange or show nickname used in network play (optional parameter: new name)
net_scancommandScan local network for running servers on given port (or default port if none given). Results are written to console
noclipvariableWhen set, no collisions are done
pausecommandPause/unpause the game
player_addcommandAdd human-controlled player to game
player_killcommandRemove player with given number from game (parameter: number, last=last player)
player_listcommandList players in game
player_nextcommandSwitches to next player
player_prevcommandSwitches to previous player
player_setnumcommandSet number of player. Adds/deletes players as necessary (parameter: number of players)
player_usecommandSwitches to player with given number (parameter: number)
pposcommandPrint player position
quitcommandQuit the game
r_clipbackvariableFar clipping distance
r_clipfrontvariableNear clipping distance
r_fog_colorvariableFog color
r_fog_distancevariableFog distance
r_fpsvariableDraw FPS information
r_skyboxvariableTurn skybox on/off
r_skymapcommandChange skybox (parameter: name of skybox)
r_vidmodecommandChange video mode (BROKEN)
r_ztrickvariableUse trick to not clear zbuffer (reduces zbuffer precision)
savealiasescommandSave aliases to specified file (parameter: filename)
saveallconfigcommandSave all game configuration to standard files
saveconfigcommandSave game configuration to specified file (parameter: filename)
saycommandSend a chat message to all connected players (parameter: message)
screenshotcommandTake a screenshot in targa format (optional parameter: filename)
sensitivityvariableSensitivity of mouse
sensitivity_hvariableHorizontal sensitivity of mouse
sensitivity_vvariableVertical sensitivity of mouse
servernamevariableServer name send to clients in network play
silentvariableTurn verbosity on console on/off
snd_volumevariableSound volume
speedvariableSpeed of player movement on ground
speed_airvariableSpeed of player movement while in air
survivalvariableIf set to 1, nobody can respawn (survival mode)
tex_flushcommandFlush all textures with reference count equal to zero (unused textures)
tex_listcommandList all textures with reference count
unaliascommandDeletes a command alias (parameter: Alias)
unbindcommandDelete binding of keystroke to command (parameter: Key)
unbindallcommandDelete all keystroke bindings
versioncommandPrint version of program
window_xvariableX size of game window in pixels
window_yvariableY size of game window in pixels
Total 92 command and variables