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Scorch Blaster

User guide

Hardware and software requirements

Minimal recommended configuration : Windows :
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP or newer required, with installed OpenGL drivers with hardware acceleration support.
All necessary libraries are included with application.

Linux :
You must have these libraries:
Game requires XWindow system with OpenGL support to run.

Installation - windows

Extract files and do one directory.

Running game - windows

From game directory run b4d.exe

Installation - linux

Extract files and in one directory.

Running game - linux

From game directory run b4d
If the game won't run because of missing functions in, extract sb_oalib.tgz in root directory (/) and overwrite existing library. You will need root privileges for that. Or you can ask your administrator to install newer OpenAL library.


You can see frag count (score) in lower part of window and number of deaths (both left), current weapon (middle) and health (right) - 100 is full health, 0 (or less) is death.
Controls can be redefined in menu and you can have any number of keys assigned to one action.
Current controls can be examined and changed in game after pressing F8. There are multiple tabs, you can move with left or right arrow between them, up and down arrows move between fields.
In Advanced tab are common keys not dependent on player and they have following meaning:
ScreenshotTakes ingame screenshot and save it as Targa image
PauseSuspends/resumes gameplay
Keybindings menuShows menu where you can redefine keys
Main menuShow main menu
Exit gameExit the game
Add playerAdd new player to the game
Remove last playerRemove playwer that was added last from the game
Switch to next playerSwitch focus to next player
Controls in Active Player tab applies to currently switched player, switchalble with Switch to next player key, default is TAB. Active player is the only one using mouselook, other are controlled with keyboard only.
In Player 1 to Player n tabs (where n is highest player with some controls set plus one) are contained controls of all players. Number of players is limited only by amount of people that can fit around one keyboard, which is about 4 to 7. You can have more players in game, but they can't be easily controlled.
Meaning of keys is following:
Turn leftTurn player left
Turn rightTurn player right
Look upTurn player's view up
Look downTurn player's view down
ForwardMove forward
BackMove backward
Strafe leftSidestep left
Strafe rightSidestep right
Move upMove up (jump)
Move downMove down
Throw bombThow a bomb
Next WeaponSwitch to next type of bomb
Previous WeaponSwitch to previous type of bomb
You can assign any number of keys to one action, but only first four are visible in settings. If you assign for some action a key that is already used elsewhere, you will see warning, telling you for what action was the key used before.

Console: with key ~ (tilde, left to key 1) you can bring down console. You can type commands here. The same key is used to dismiss the console. List of commans, including their description is in Console commands and variables reference, also you can use help command in console. Its single parameter is name of command or variable for which you want some brief help.
Some of those commands are variables. If you write them without parameters, current value will be shown (for example fov), if you write them with parameter, you will change the value (for example fov 90 will set variable fov to 90).
The TAB key acts as autocomplete - if you type part of command or variable, it will complete its name, eventually offering alternatives, if morecommands or variables begin with same prefix, and cannot be completed unambiguously.
up and down arrows move in history - you can move through history of already executed commands and eventually re-execute them, or modify them before re-executing.
PageUp and PageDown scroll console output - you can see any information that scrolled away.

How to play

Game takes place in an arena, where players try to kill each other. For that purpose they can use bombs, which can be thrown.
Bomb does not destroy only opponents, but can also demolish some walls. One bomb exploding near other one will cause it also to explode, more bombs near each other can cause chain explosion.

Game modes:
Deathmatch: Get most points, for each killed opponent you score point, for suiciding a point is subtractede, for dying by enemy hands are no points added or subtracted. Players are revived after death on random place (they respawn). You can set fraglimit (number of points needed to win)
Survival: The last one that survives is a winner. No respawns and it is not important who you kill.

Bomb: Black bomb, can be thrown, bounces off walls. Well aimed throw (if exploding close to player) will kill instantly. Detonator does not react on impact, but is timed to explode 3.5 seconds after throw.
Sticky Bomb: Green bomb, equally powerful as ordinary one, but does not bounce.

Menu description

New Game: launch submenu for choosing new game, you can choose from one of three maps, followed by another submenu for choosing player number and then a new game is launched.
Keybindings: launch menu, where you can see and change keybindings (assignment of keys to actions).
Setting: There are two submenus, in first, marked Fraglimit you can set score needed to win a game, in second, marked Game mode you can set game mode (Deathmatch or Survival)
Exit: Quit the game